Monday, April 2, 2012

A GIVEAWAY brought to you by the awesomeness that is Echolife! Oh, and me.


I'm stupidly excited because I'm about to tell you guys about my giveaway. My FIRST giveaway.

*wild arm flailing and general excited hoo-haa*

The lovely peeps over at Echolife have given me TWO!!! bottles of the amazing Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash (POW! + butter menthol in a bottle) to give away to TWO!!! of my readers. Worth $19.90 each. Woot! FYI: I reviewed this stuff the other week - check it out here. If you prefer a much more professional and less sweary run-down of what this body wash is all about, click here. If you can't be arsed doing either, I can tell you right now that this stuff is very cool. And that you're a lazy bitch.

Now to the rules. VERY IMPORTANT STUFF.

1. You have to follow my blog via GFC. Why GFC? Because bloglovin' confuses me.

2. You have to go and follow Echolife on Twitter - @Echolife_Aus. They're good peeps, I swear. Check out their website while you're at it:

3. You have to leave a comment and tell me one weird thing about yourself. Things along the lines of having a fetish for toenail clippings is a good example. Now, I want to make it clear that this part will not impact the decision in any way - this is purely about my entertainment. ;) Don't forget to include your name and email addy in your comment!

4. If you're under 18/a foetus, you have to get parent permission to give out your addy to weirdos on the Internet.

5. You have to live in Oz. Sorry! :(

If you're a Twitter follower, you tweet about the comp and tag both myself (@caffeineinduced) and Echolife (@Echolife_Aus) in the tweet, you score an extra entry.

I think that's it. The winners will be chosen randomly, with one of those random picker website things. I've always wanted to use one of those!

Good luck! And thanks again to the wonderful Echolife for sponsoring this very cool giveaway.

EDIT: Completely forgot to tell you when this comp ends! Fail for me. Comp will end on the 16th April at 5pm.


  1. Yay! A new great beauty blog for me to follow :)

    A fetish for your entertainment?
    Does painting my nails a different shade everyday count or am I just obsessive?
    Seriously though don't google fetish, for your own sake not mine... surely that's just what you needed!

    GFC & twitter: zoeeangelaa
    email: zoeeangelaa at hotmail dot com

    now to catch up on your posts.

  2. ...Also I recommend the Echolife Tea-tree Purifying Facial Mist to everyone.

  3. GFC: themissus
    Twitter: @Eignourt

    I am absolutely terrified of toilets on the plane, I feel as if they'll suck me right in!

    Mah tweet:!/Eignourt/status/186698364405035009

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway hun! x

    1. "I am absolutely terrified of toilets on the plane, I feel as if they'll suck me right in!"

      Isn't everyone themissus?

    2. Haha - no, my sister loves them!

      Fine, you want weird?
      I can't sleep WITHOUT socks on, yup, even in summer.

    3. Does your sister choose to fly in the private suites section on planes, because the rest rooms are more 'stylish'? I love how you can read about people who are sitting in a better plane seat, no matter where you're seated. I wonder where the pilots dream of sitting? Maybe they just wish they could put the plane in some kind of automatic control mode and then just play 'Hide and Seek' the whole flight? Or they could play a huge game of 'Guess Who', especially if there are two decks... I mean it couldn't be worse then the original?

      Okay that's weird about the socks, as I just imagine someone who never takes there socks off anywhere.
      I hope you wear them at the beach! :)

      (Also when you next asleep on a plane, if you hear the following,
      you're probably dreaming-
      Captain to co-pilot: "Does she have socks on?"
      Co-Pilot: "That's the last time I choose the women with a sock fetish")

      By the way I'm not mad, just avoiding study...
      So I tend to go on and on...

      Also my apologies Angela, (probably not the comment you were expecting on your blog today...) you have a great name though.

  4. I am a GFC follower and missy1632 is my twitter!

    One weird thing about me is I don't like sharing things... Some thing- like food, drink or lipgloss/lippie, any make-up actually... It used to pee my friends off big time.

    Like, if you ask me if you can use something or have a bite of my x, y, z... I will probably let you, but under conditions- ie: new straw if it's a drink, or I will cut you off some of my food item, but, if it is lipgloss or makeup item, then that'll be the last of it for me. haha. I will NEVER use it again... EVER.
    My friends would get offended but um... tough.

    I will let family do those things with no qualms though and a BF too... Anything but makeup. YUK.

  5. I follow you on GFC (Chelsea Preen)

    Weird thing... I blow my nose in the shower. Is that weird? LOL

    Also, love your paint skillz! ;)

    Twitter: @bloss59
    Email: lilpreeny at gmail dot com :)

    Aaand. yeah. :)

  6. Wooot! Oh you KNOW I follow you on GFC as Suzanne and twitter as @HogSandwich.

    Weird thing: I hate Italian food. Doesn't seen overly weird but jesus christ I hate it so much. Even pizza can be a stretch for me, and lets face it, that's more bastardised than straight out italian. uuuurgh.

  7. Ok, firstly thankyou for the opportunity to win.
    I follow via GFC as MichVee. Email is
    A weird thing about me?? Hmmm.... I'm 32 years old and have only put petrol
    In a car twice!!!! (I only got my license 6months ago and hubby usually fills up
    My car for me). Um, if that's not weird enough, my second toes are longer than my first toes! :)


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