Monday, December 19, 2011

(VERY) Last Minute Stocking Stuffer!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love Christmas. The decorations, the carols and the all-round jollyness of people makes me incredibly happy. Plus, I squeal when I see Santa at Westfield.

Buying presents for people is another big reason why I adore the season. Yeah, it's a bit stressful but I love finding stuff that my mates and fam will love to unwrap. And wrapping said presents? Um, WOO!

For those of you in Oz who may be a tad unorganised and haven’t yet bought all your pressies, I’ve got a nice little stocking stuffer for the chicks in your life. Here it is:

That there is Bloom's Classic Mini Nail Polish Collection. Isn't she lovely? She includes four mini polishes in the shades Millie, Kim, Edie and Toni. Delightful!

This set is pretty damn perfect as it’s got a great range of shades that most girls enjoy rocking on their digits. Plus, they’re work-friendly! There's also a 'Fashion' set available which is best if you’re buying for a girl who likes to work brights and unique shades.

My personal faves in the Classic set are the creamy taupe (Kim) and the deep maroony red (Millie).

Here’s Millie on my nails (let's ignore the dodgy application):


Nice, yes?

Bloom's polish formula is smooth, superdooper shiny (no topcoat required!) and seems to wear the same as other decent polishes I’ve tried. I wore this for about 3 days before I started seeing dreaded chipping.

Now to the important stuff! Each set costs $24.95 and each polish sits at a tidy 9ml. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, a lil gift for a friend or KK. Nice one, Bloom.

You can grab some Bloom goodness from Myer or online.

Pics were taken from the Bloom website as my packaging was a tad crumpled/looked like arse. This polish set was sent to me by a lovely PR company but as per usual, no B.S.

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