Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Haul + Sale Bits

Hey guys!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas/fun holiday season!

Just wanted to show you the beauty stuff I got for Christmas, as well as a few bits I picked up from the sales.

Here’s the gift portion:

Too Faced Beautiful Dreamer kit
Ahhhh, so happy I got this baby! Love it. I haven’t yet used the mascara or the bronzer/blush duo (even though the duo was one of the main reasons why I wanted this pack) but the shadows are lovely and the gloss is pretty cute. Plus, Too Faced’s packaging is awesomeness.

Here’s a pic of the two compact thingies so you can suss the shades:

The Body Shop Delipscious tinted lip balm
Love this. Quite a lot, actually. Gives a beautiful, soft pink tint to my lips and is a pretty good balm, too. It does smell like zinc though. A tad odd…

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf (part of a gift set)
One of my most favourite smells ever. I usually stick to this scent during the wintertime as it’s a little heavy but I’m so not waiting 'til June. In fact, I’ve been spritzing myself with the stuff since I ripped it open. Good times. If you like sweet scents but don’t like the ultra candy-sweet ones ala Britney, Flowerbomb is perfect. It’s a grown-up sweet scent and pretty damn sexy. Yummo.

And now onto the stuff I got at the sales. Not too much as I’ve already got shitloads of stuff and really didn’t need much more. Here's a pic:

Models Prefer Brush Cleaner
I’m too much of a tightarse to pay $40 for the apparently-awesome Napoleon one so this’ll have to do. Hope it’s good!

Models Prefer highlighter in Fame & Fortune
Been eyeing this for a fair while and thought it was a good idea to pick it up since it was on sale. Really pretty and glowy, plus it applies nice. Smooth. Butter-smooth. Cheers to Models Prefer!

Australis Pressed Powder and Savvy by DB bronzer
Boring but necessary. They’re both backups of things I’m currently using. Can you believe all Savvy prodz are $3 at Priceline atm? Good stuff.

Bloom/Boost lip balms in Banana Buzz and Tropical Storm
I had a couple of these sent to me a while ago and loved them. A lot. Bloom was around 20% off at Myer and David Jones so I needed them. Yep, needed.

3 Apivita Propolis masks
Ha! If you read this post, you’re probably surprised I bought these. Well, I used the second half of the sachet a little while ago and didn’t encounter any extreme dryness like last time so I’m pretty sure the scaly skin was due to something else (don’t know what). This stuff works to keep my oil in check so it’s a big winner imo.

Lush’s Snow Fairy & Snow Globe soap (not pictured)
Snow Fairy smells like lollies. I appreciate that a hell of a lot. Both these were 50% off and I’m currently kicking myself for not buying 10 bottles of Snow Fairy and a kilo’s worth of Snow Globe. Fail.

What beauty loot did you score for Christmas and at the sales?

P.S. Have a wonderful NYE and I wish you all the best in 2012! Stay safe, healthy and happy. :)


  1. Bless you for Christmas Hauling. You've SEEN mine, no surprises there.

    I actually very nearly bought Flowerbomb at the boxingday sale! was the exact same price as the Chanel compact and was bouncing between then. One day...

  2. I bought snow globe too and I love it! I went to lush at chaddie and me a girl who had been waiting four hours just to buy the last bottles f that! She ended up with two baskets worth of lush Christmas stuff!

  3. hahaa, I got snow fairy from lush 50% promotion too :D! I actually quite like savvy products, for the prices I think they do a great job.

  4. Woot, haul :D
    I got a mini of the Flowerbomb for Christmas as well, and I love the scent. Although I have to be careful or else it gives me a headache if I apply too much.
    Hope you had a lovely christmas!

  5. I adore flowerbomb...It's been my go to scent for a few years now. In Vegas last year I picked up the summer limited edition EDT...not as heavy and perfect for summer!

  6. Serious Christmas Present Envy!! lol

    Love your Too Faced kit - lucky u ;)

    Have a great New Years!

    Steph x

  7. So many lovely things! :D Happy New Year Angela x

  8. Wow - kinda wish I had everything here! Adore Flowerbomb and those Boost lipbalms are insanely fantastic. I walk past the Models Prefer stand at work and don't think much of it but you're making me want to give them a try! Happy New Year! :)


  9. I'd love to see swatches and perhaps a review of those 2 compacts! They look really interesting. I've never tried any Too Faced Cosmetics products, sadly.

  10. I love Too Faced make-up! Such a fun gift!!

    Happy New Year!


  11. Great haul! Those Too Faced Shadows look fantastic!!

  12. Hey Angela,

    Happy New Year.

    Check out my blog. I have passed you an award :)

  13. So,
    When can I expect a review of the brush cleaner?
    Picked this up - put it down approx 1202837 times last week in priceline.
    Should I go back and get it, or is regular condition better?


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