Friday, November 4, 2011

Update on losing kaboose, getting healthy and clearing up my skin

Gyme? What's a gyme? ...Ohhhh, a gyme. I love you, Homer.

I haven’t updated you all on my weight/skin issues for a while. First there was the madness that was the ABBW and then I had some health issues that really fucked up my shit.

So, how am I going? Good! Now. The ABBW proved to be dangerous when it came to eating healthy. Picture a hotel room with an abundance of chocolate, chips, cheese and fizz. Eek. Was insanely fun though! Love the #sweetnsalty girls and all the other beauty babes I met. Once the incredibly fun madness was over, I continued to eat like shit. Then I ran into a health issue that scared me shitless which then, in turn, made me eat even worse. Guess I was trying to make myself feel better. Fail.

The result of eating like shit? I put on nearly all of the weight I had lost previously. Foolish. Oh well.

I’m now wrapping up my 2nd week of changing my lifestyle and eating habits and I feel fucking awesome. I have an insane amount of energy and I just plain feel good about myself. Nice change from wanting to beat my head against the wall for eating Maccas. The other week I lost 3kgs. Some of you might think that’s way too much but for my size, it’s pretty normal. I have aaaalot to lose. Hopefully when I weigh myself on Sunday, I’ll have lost a bit more.

Some days are hard and some days are easy as pie (mmm...pie). I just keep reminding myself how great I feel, where I want to be and what I want to get out of it i.e. good health, better skin and a wardrobe filled with nicer clothes.   

I'm basically eating low-GI and have completely cut out bullshit like Coke, fast food and copious amounts of crap like chocolate and chips. Oh, and I've cut down on my coffee intake, too.

As for my skin, it’s okay. Some days I feel like I see improvements but then a few more zits crop up and BAM!, I feel crap again. Woe. Btw, my routine has changed. This is what I’m now using:

Cleanser: Cetaphil (so boring and meh - not a fan)
Treatments: Retin A 0.05% and a homemade Kinetin and Niacinamide serum made by the lovely Sarah aka dempeaux
Moisturiser: Rio Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil and Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Here are some pics of my skin. There’s no real diff compared to these pics but I've made it a habit to attach new pics every time I update. Sorry about the different lighting. I was standing in the same spot for both pics but it’s a real bitch to get the lighting exactly the same. *sigh*

So, there it is! If you’ve made it this far in this mammoth post, I applaud and thank you. Cheerio!


  1. I think your skin DOES look better than the last photos.

    You're oily, yeah? I'm oily as and I found Cetaphil too mild as a result. I switched to Dermaveen and it really helped.

    As a sidenote I got less pimples when I started using dove's foaming makeup remover in tandem with Dermaveen. Sadly the really gentle-gentle cleansers are not made to shift makeup, and makeup wipes on their own weren't cutting it for me.

  2. You'll get there hun! Skin improvement and losing weight are a slow, frustrating journey, but time and patience heal many things :) Looking forward to your updates, and woah! 3kgs! Amazing!

  3. I am on the pretty much the same boat as you. I have been trying to eat better and drink more water in order to bring my weight down a bit and to clear up my skin. It is so hard! But we have to try our best~ Good luck to you ^_^

  4. Suzanne - Really? Thanks! :)

    Yeah, Cetaphil sucks. I really don't rate it at all. Will definitely investigate Dermaveen once I finish up my stupid Cetaphil.

    Sarah - I know! Trying to be as patient as possible. haha 3kgs sounds like heaps but it doesn't even show. lol Ah well, it's a start! :)

    Nancy - It is *so* hard sometimes. Bad habits are a bastard to break! Good luck to you, too. We can do it! :D

  5. as a sidenote: easiest 1.5 kilos I ever lost in a fortnight? cutting out bread, rice and pasta. bam. nevermind that my coke and chocolate intake rocketed, those carbs made a crazy difference.

  6. @Angela: if you tolerate Dermaveen all right, maybe try Clinique's mild liquid facial soap after? Dermaveen's kinder to broken skin, but Clinique seems to keep pimples from appearing better. balancing act.

    (Also did you get a dramatically different gel sample?)

  7. Suzanne - Yeah, I've been restricting the pasta and bread. Hmmm... haven't used Clinique skincare in quite some time! Will investigate.

    No, I didn't! Snooty chick in the lab coat refused. haha

  8. Angela: I'll send you some! give me a few days to find a decent container though. DM me your address?

  9. I love that there's an appropriate Simpsons moment for any possible occasion. Even before I scrolled down to the caption as soon as I saw the picture in my head, I was going, "Gyme? What's a gyme? Oh, a gyme!"

  10. But it was so worth every sweet'n'salty moment, huh?! xx

  11. I am also trying to get in to shape and its sooo hard in cold weather when I wanna just go to bed and eat popcorn haha!! good luck!! can't wait to hear about your progress!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  12. Dee - haha Oh, definitely.

    MsCritique - lol No regrets! :P Reminiscing about those ribs... *drool*

    Faye - Ah, trying to be healthy during the colder months is near impossible! lol Thanks for reading. x

  13. I have been told South Beach Diet is a goody...ordered the books from the USA and just waiting for them to arrive so I can start it. Have lost a lot this year but still a way to go. Keep at it :)

  14. It's so hard to get in shape.. i think i'm more motivated during winter than I am during Summer.. it's just so hot.. and sweaty.. and gross XD Good luck on your weight loss/shaping up though :) I'm sure you'd do much better than me ^^

  15. Good for you babe- if you are feeling good thats the best thing for momentum!! My skins gone crappo in the past few week - went on Anti-biotics for a while which helped clear the big sore ones, hopefully I can clear the congestion now and heal some of the red marks - bleugh!

  16. You're doing so well, and you're right sometimes it's not easy my god sometimes I'm like salivating and my stomach is groaning at the mere thought of junk but it is so WORTH IT!!! Your skin definitely looks like it's improving :)

  17. I spent most of this year overindulging too, and now that I've decided that I'm sick of it I feel much better already. My skin is still the bane of my existence, but I've been having more good days that ever lately so that is a positive I guess. I need to work on coffee intake (how do you do it, I love it so much!) and I'm lucky I'm not into soft drink. I like reading updates from you, keep them coming beautiful xx


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