Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-event mug prep

Oh, hi! Good to see you again.

Today I’m going to be talking about a pretty cool prod – the Bioxidea Miracle 24 24 Hour Face Lift. It’s basically a cloth mask that claims to revitalize your skin and get it looking all lush and wrinkle-free for up to 24 hours (max results can be seen around 4 hours in). And apparently, regular use is said to improve crappy fine lines permanently. Nice.

I tried this baby on my mum as I have perfect skin that doesn’t need improvement whatsoever. Lies. However, she does have more wrinkles than me so I thought the results would show up better on her than they would on me.

So, does this stuff work? Well, yes and no.

Firstly, mum loooved the feeling of it. She said it smelt good (I concur) and felt super-lush on her skin. Very pampering, she said. The actual mask had plenty of product on it so it was nice and moist. Plus, the cloth was a great size. I’ve tried some other cloth masks that I had to tear in certain places so it could sit properly – very annoying.

Mum kept it on for 30 mins (it says to leave it on for 15-30) and when she took it off, her skin was super-soft. She also felt that her mug looked plumper, a tad more even and a bit glowy.

As for helping out with her fine lines, we didn’t really see any diff. I took some pics at various intervals (she wasn’t too enthused about that) but no changes really showed up on film (hence why I haven’t got any pics in this post). Still, mum said she was quite impressed despite the lack of improvement with regards to her fine lines.

All up, this stuff is great if you want to give your mug a bit of a pep-up and make it feel softer before a big event, but if you want to help with the fine line sitch, one mask might not cut it.

If you’d like to try this stuff for yourself, a pack of 3 costs $49.95 and can be found in selected Myer stores, selected Priceline stores and a few pharmacies. You can also buy on the official website at if you like a spot of online shopping (who doesn’t?!).

P.S. I received this from a PR company but there’s absolutely no BS in this post. Okay? Okay.

Anyone tried this stuff or another prod from the range? How do you prep your mug before a big event?

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  1. I have never tried this brand before, but I have tried a lot of asian brand masks. I agree that they feel great and give you a nice temporary improvement, but I have never seen improvement in fine lines.


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