Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love At First Sniff

Y’all know how much I love my Nivea Essential Care, right? Well, these new Bloom/Boost balms are shaping up to be my new faves. For realz.

When I received the press release for these, I kinda wet my pants. Nothing full on - just a trickle. I love Boost and I’m pretty much obsessed with lip balm so to me, this was a match made in heaven. Plus, Bloom is an Aussie icon. Hello!

I was lucky enough to receive two scents: Watermelon Crush and the new love of my life, Tropical Storm. I challenge anyone to sniff Tropical Storm and not drool/have a scent-induced orgasm. It smells soooo daaaamn gooood. I honestly can’t stop sniffing it and slathering it onto my lips. It's love, I tells ya.

Sweet, fruityness aside, these balms are awesome when it comes to making your pucker soft and lush. They’ve got Vitamin E, Beeswax and Jojoba Oil so they’re buttery smooth but don’t leave a waxy residue. Truth be told, I don’t really mind a waxy residue (hence my love for Nivea Essential Care) but for those of you who abhor it, this stuff will make you totes happy. Oh and if Tropical Strom and Watermelon Crush don’t float your boat (you're totes cray cray), there are a bunch of other flavours in the range including Strawberry Squeeze, Berry Bang, Mango Tango and Banana Buzz. I can assure you that every single one smells phenom (I've sniffed them all) and I’ll be grabbing Banana Buzz and Mango Tango very, very shortly.

I’ve posted some pics below. You’ll notice that instead of the normal cylindrical shape that balms tend to come in, these are like squashed cylinders/ovals. While adorable and very stand-outy from the hoards of other balms, I find this shape is awesome as it fits perfectly along the line/shape of my lips. Take a look:

BTW, they’re $6.95 (bargain alert!) but if you head to the Bloom website here and sign up, you can download a coupon and get two for $10 at David Jones and selected Myer stores til the end of July. Perfect.

Unfortunately, it’s just Aussies who can order online and buy in-store. Sorry to my international girls!

Aussie girls – get on it. These are cheap and very awesome – quite the rarity.


  1. Yay, thanks for the tip! :D

  2. The watermelon one smells amaaaaze. I got the tropical one a month or two ago and - unfortunately - it smells p much identical to some cough syrup I used to get as a kid. Just way too much bad scent memory juju happening there, heh.

  3. looks quite tempting ..guess shud give it a try .. I so love lip balms ..though I already have avon, australis, body shop, oriflame and lotus lip balms with me :D ..but its never too much u see.. lol ..

  4. Mmm.. I love my Nivea lip balm too. So I guess then Bloom will suit me.. though I have a poor sense of smell.

  5. Mmm I can smell them already. :D

  6. I can't wait to try these. Great photos!

  7. Oooh the watermelon one sounds lurvely!! I have the mango tango. Love Boost too- great for a hangover ;)


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