Monday, August 31, 2015

Girlee Cosmetics eyeshadows - swatches + review

While Girlee Cosmetics isn't exactly the most accessible of brands (they stick to events such as IMATS and other beauty-related expos), I still felt the need to show you guys the amazingness of their shadows. They actually do have a website that you can shop from, but in all honesty, it's not that great. Anyway. I have two quads, both of which I 'made' myself. They were $25 each. Let's start with my newbie (black)...

Tan - warm, bronze-brown with a sheen finish
Root Beer - warm, earthy ochre with a matte finish
Copper Penny - orange-copper with a slight sheen
Cabernet - deep, rosy wine with a matte finish

This quad makes me giddy. I have a thing for warmth on my lids, and these shades are delicious. They're all pigmented, buttery-smooth and blend like a dream. My favourites are definitely Root Beer and Cabernet (sweet Jesus, these are stunning), but Copper Penny is also a winner. Tan is lovely, but basic. I'm pretty sure I have at least a dozen other shadows that are pretty much identical to it. Oh, well.

Last night, I wore Cabernet all over my lid and threw some Root Beer on the outer corner and along my crease. I also smudged both shadows along the bottom lashline. Not the best photo in the world, but hey.

The other quad I have is a bit of a mystery, only because I have no fucking clue what the shades are called. Sorry. Regardless, the shadows are amazing. My favourites are definitely the taupey bronze, the peachy gold, and the skintoned one (great for helping me blend!).

If you're planning on hitting IMATS, or if you come across the Girlee booth at any other beauty-related event, I definitely recommend making a beeline to their shadows.



Friday, August 28, 2015

Beauty Expo haul (plus a couple of cheeky Priceline buys)

I was lucky enough to attend the Beauty Expo this past weekend. If you weren't aware, the Beauty Expo is an IMATS- like event that caters for beauty professionals like makeup artists, salon owners and other beauty peeps. Yay for media passes! If you ever get the opportunity to attend, do so. It's filled with cool things to look at (and buy), demos (lots of hotties being spraytanned) as well as workshops and masterclasses. Here's what I picked up (plus a couple of sneaky Priceline purchases)...

MODELROCK Lashes - #241 ($3.95) and some random clearance pair ($1.95)
Falsies are a rarity for me. I usually can't be bothered with them (mostly because I find them a pain in the caboose to apply), but when I manage to stick them much love. My goal is to start wearing fake lashes everywhere. Well, maybe not on coffee runs and supermarket shops, but you get my drift.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Liptick in Posh Spice
The MODELROCK booth was also selling these babies. Woo! They were $27. Boo! It was painful to fork out that much money, but considering I wasn't planning on buying much else, I bit the bullet. Will be doing a review on this soon.

Crown Brushes Spooly ($3)

Girlee Cosmetics quad ($25)
I love me some Girlee Cosmetics. I've bought things from them in the past (they're also at IMATS), and they've all been great. I picked up four, super-warm rich toned shadows - Copper Penny, Root Beer, Cabernet and Tan. Can't wait to mash these onto my face this weekend!

Models Prefer Rose Nude Palette
Needed this. Not really. Whatever. YOLO. Etc.

Models Prefer lipstick in Naked
This gorgeous, tan-brown lippie that smells like vanilla immediately caught my eye. $10 later, she was mine.

That's all, folks!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Models Prefer Contour/Collection Palette review + swatches

I'm a complete novice when it comes to contouring. Honestly, I'm barely an enthusiast. I've given it a half-arsed go a few times, but I've never actually 100% committed to learning the techniques. However, when I spotted the Models Prefer Contour/Collection Palette crop up on Instagram, I was weirdly keen. I wasn't even interested when the Australis AC on Tour palette came out, but this...this I needed. Off I went to Priceline.

Aesthetically, the Contour/Collection Palette is great. The packaging is sleek, solid and seems to be of generous quality. Plus, the pans are pretty large. You get six powders in this palette. The three highlighting shades include a regular, skin-toned powder (obvs, this is dependant on your skintone, but this looks like the powder I use all over my face), a yellow-toned powder, and a pink-peach highlight with a little shimmer. As for the contouring shades, you get a milk chocolately brown, a grey-brown, and a deep, red-toned brown.

I have to mention the little booklet that comes along with the palette. It's the absolute shit. It's basically a guide with tips and advice on determining your skintone and face shape, as well as tutorials on how to actually contour. It may not sound that impressive, but it's fantastic. Such a great, little addition.

The powders themselves are lovely. Smooth, pigmented and easily blended out on the skin. The shimmery highlight is pretty, but very subtle. Fine for those who want a natural look, but I personally like my glow with a little more impact. Still, it's nice. The grey-tinged brown (middle contour shade) is fantastic for a natural looking contour. Works well with my skintone.  As does the first contour shade. I was keen on the yellow-toned powder for under my eyes, but so far, I'm not so impressed. I'm not sure if that's down to the fact that I haven't yet figured out the best brush to use with it, or the fact that it's so very light. I'll work it out.

I'll probably end up showing you guys my contour routine once I actually have one, but right now, this is a palette purely for practice and experimentation.

All up, I highly recommend this palette for those who want to get into contouring. I can't speak for the experts, but for the regular ol' novice like me, it's been great.



Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quick skin tip - olive oil 'mask'

I love me some oil. Whether it's on my face, body, and/or hair... just slather me in it.

Recently, I've been having a tough time with my skin. My left cheek has broken out in a horrifying way, and using benzoyl peroxide has left me with extreme flaking and peeling. Rosehip oil wasn't really helping the situation, so one night, I decided to absolutely smother my face with olive oil, giving extra attention to the problem area. I massaged it into my skin really well, and then went in again with another thick layer. I looked a hot mess, but I was desperate for a fix. The next morning, the blemishes were a lot softer/smoother (they even looked like they'd gone down a little, too!), and the peeling was almost gone. Wut. Plus, my skin looked extra glowy. I'd always thought rosehip oil was my #1 jam, but it turns out that weeks of rosehip oil use didn't even come close to one night with olive oil.

As I'm writing this, I've got another olive oil 'mask' sitting on my skin. I'm obsessed. It's my new fave thing! Now I just have to wait for those pimples to completely fuck off...


Sunday, August 23, 2015

My pamper routine

There's nothing like dedicating a few hours to completely pampering yourself. Here's a few snippets from my weekly routine...

I light some candles, turn on my shower, get dat bathroom all steamy, and then go to town on my face with some olive oil. After I'm done massaging, I hit the exfoliant. My fave is the Indeed Laboratories Facial Powdered Exfoliator because it's gentle, yet effective. I also throw on some Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub (video review here). After rinsing my skin, I throw on a mask. My choice varies on how my skin is doing at the time, but lately, I've been reaching for the Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Therapeutic Mask (video review here). I then apply some oil to the ends of my hair. My current pick is the Dove Nutri-Oil Serum, purely because it's old and I want to get rid of it.

While I'm waiting for the mask and oil to work their respective magic, I like to give myself a good scrub-down. My favourite is the Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory. I also give my feet a good go with the Dr Scholl Hard Skin Remover. Once I hit the shower, I like to use a sugary shower gel to make me feel all comforted and snug. One of my current faves is the chocolately Anatomicals Cocoa Body Cleanser. I haven't had a bath in a while, but when I do, I like to throw some lavender oil and/or a Lush bath bomb into the tub. Heaven.

My skincare depends on my skin's condition, but lately I've been doing the Antipodes Apostle Serum + Sukin Rosehip Oil, or Sukin Rosehip Oil + Clearasil Acne Treatment Cream. As for my body, I was enjoying the Sugarbaby Coconut Beauty Oil (ran out the other week), but am now working with a cheapie I Love Coconut & Cream Body Lotion I picked up on clearance at Target. It smells great, and moisturises well. I also slather it on my feet, and then throw on some chunky socks.

When it comes to haircare, I'm definitely lacking. All I do is rub some Dove Nutri-Oil onto my ends, hit it with a blowdryer and then straighten it so it's a little more smooth/not so fluffy.

Other bits
I enjoy giving myself a fresh paintjob after a good pamper sesh. I love me a good metallic so Essence's Crazy Fancy Love (review here) is a fave, as is the stunning Friend Like Me by Australis. The Sally Hansen Quick Dri Top Coat is a must. Before hopping into bed, I smother my cuticles in the Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil and my lips in the Models Prefer Paw Paw. If I'm still feeling rather poopy, I rub some Eureka Lavender Water Soluble Solution onto my chest so the scent can chill me out, and send me to the land of nod.

How do you like to pamper yourselves? Do you guys have a routine?


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