Monday, September 21, 2015

Sephora Macquarie haul + experience


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Makeup wishlist

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye palette
This is a major want. I've played with it at Sephora, and it's pretty fucking amazing. God knows I don't need another palette, but it's just so damn pretty. And $65 isn't too exxy, right? Riiight?!

Makeup Geek anything
I've heard so many wonderful things about Marlena's shadows, and the hype has finally gotten to me. I feel like I just need to give them a go. For science.

New Colourpop things

Neet and I are planning on doing another Colourpop order because we definitely need more makeup in our lives. Isn't that right, Neet? I'm keen for some of their Ultra Matte liquid lippies (Trap, Beeper ansd Bumble are on the list), as well as some of the new Lippie Stix and Super Shock Shadows.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
I've heard a whole lot of good shit about this little concealer, and I think I might need it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows 
Another brand I've heard loads of good things about. I'm keen to try some of her shadows, one of the newly released highlighters, and a liquid lipstick or two.

Becca highlighters
I've never really given too much of a fuck about Becca's highlighters, but even since Champagne Pop was released, I suddenly decided that I needed one in my life. So impressionable.

I'm intrigued by this brand. When I spotted it at Sephora, I went on a major swatchfest. So many nice colours (I'm mostly keen on the eye sticks), but nothing I really needed, you know? Still, I feel like I should give one a try.

I'm sure I want more things, but I'll leave it at that...

What's on your makeup wishlist?


Friday, September 18, 2015

35 thoughts while shopping at Priceline

1. I'm going in for mascara and mascara only.
2. Oooh, Australis is on sale!
3. You don't need anything from Australis, Ange.
4. Actually, I might need to pick up a new cleanser...
5. Oooh, Antipodes have a few new things out.
6. Nah, too expensive.
7. Oooh, Antipodes is 30% off!
8. Do I really need another serum?
9. It's 30% off! I'm practically saving money. In the basket.
10. Razors! I need razors!
11. Oooh, new shower gels...
12. The coconut one smells like heaven. In the basket.
13. Wait, why did I come to Priceline?
15. Why does Maybelline have so many bloody mascaras?
16. OMG! New Essence collection!
17. Why are there never any testers?!
18. Oooh, this lipstick looks good. In the basket.
19. Wait, I forgot to look at cleansers.
20. Dermaveen is half price! Yes! In the basket.
21. Wait...did I want razors?
22. Oh, they're full price. Eh, they can wait.
24. Oooh, a new 'groundbreaking' formula to lengthen and define? Yes. In the basket.
25. Maybe I should take another look at Australis...
26. Nothing's new. Let's go now.
27. Oooh, Rimmel has a new range of matte lipsticks! Introductory price!
28. You don't need any more lipsticks, Ange.
29. Off to the checkout!
30. Simple makeup wipes are half price!
31. No, Ange.
32. Hmm...maybe just one pack. For those 'lazy nights'.
33. I really need to get out of here.
34. Wait! I have a voucher!
35. I wonder if Savvy has anything new...

Can anyone relate?


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

LORAC PRO palette - swatches + review

 Let's cut to the chase - this palette rocks my world. I lusted after it for months before Neet surprised me with it for Christmas. What a sexy bitch. Thanks, Neet!

The shadows are amazing quality. Smooth, pigmented and blendable. Very buttery! And that goes for both the mattes and the shimmers. The shades themselves are fantastic - a great, little mix. I adore the fact that the palette is split in two, with half the shadows being matte, and the other half shimmers. I definitely lean more towards a shimmery eye, but I do enjoy a little matte action, as well.

My top faves include:

Cream (matte): Great as an all-over base, as a simple browbone highlight and helping me to blend.
Mauve (matte): I love mauve on my lips and on my lids! This shade is perfect as a messy smudge all over the lid.
Sable (matte): A great mid-tone brown for adding a little depth and dimension to softer looks. Good for the crease and outer corner.
Espresso (matte): I love running this dark brown along my top and bottom lash lines as a makeshift eyeliner.
Black (matte): I don't use black too often, but this one's a winner. Also good for the lashline.

Nude (shimmer) + Champagne (shimmer): These are great for brightening the eye area, so I like using them in the inner corner, as well as in the middle of my lids.
Light Bronze (shimmer): An easy, pretty shade that looks great as an all-over wash.
Pewter (shimmer): This dark bronze looks gorgeous all over the lid for a darker look, as well as in the outer corner and crease.
Garnet (shimmer): This rusty cranberry is just plain delicious. That is all.

If you ever get the chance to pick this palette up, do it. If I was uber-minimalist with my makeup, I could definitely just live with this one palette alone. But where's the fun in that?



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kylie Jenner's 'Sexy 18th Birthday Look'

 Kylie Jenner just launched her website and it features a bunch of shit I couldn't give two fucks about. That being said, when it comes to her makeup, I'm always keen to snoop. She uploaded a video on the makeup look she had done for her 18th (MUA is Hrush Achemyan), and surprisingly, it was a really good watch. Achemyan used stuff from Too Faced, Colourpop and Anastasia. Good shit. 

Click here to suss out the video. Please tell me if you were as shocked as I was when you saw her without makeup (she actually looks her fucking age). Oh, and dat foundation! SAY WAAAT. I know the girl tans, but fuck. 



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